Sep 242014

I made several major changes to MAGI.  The main changes are behind the scenes and a) make it easier for me to add new content and b) allow MAGI to be expanded to include more areas of interest in the future.  The changes that are visible to users are mainly stylistic, but I did add 1900 U.S. Census data.  Yes, the 1900 Census is readily available for free from FamilySearch, but adding the data to MAGI helps make MAGI more of a one-stop shop for Mazomanie genealogical data.  One other feature you might notice when looking at census data is that transcriptions of the source are now included in MAGI.  This will eventually be expanded to include the other existing citations.

Nov 132013

Several changes have been made to the site, the foremost of which is the addition of a blog.  The blog will contain information about MHS news, website updates, museum exhibits, events, etc.  The main page of the website will store current news items.  For all other blog posts, please visit the main blog page.  Alternately, you can go to the drop-down menu above, select News and then Blog.  If you are an RSS feed aficionado, you can subscribe to our RSS feed here to keep up-to-date with our blog posts.

To go along with the blog, we also have new widgets on the right side of every page of the website.  These include website submenus, MHS hours, Mazomanie population statistics, MAGI statistics, etc.

Finally, we’ve added one more new feature: This Month In History.  This contains the same entries as the Timeline, but organized by month.  Once enough entries are added (sometime in the distant future), this will morph into This Day In History.